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Authors & Illustrators

  • General manuscript appraisal & short email or phone consultation
  • Manuscript appraisal & broad stroked editorial suggestions
  • Structural editing
  • Line-by line manuscript copy editing and editorial suggestions
  • Proof reading of manuscript
  • Art portfolio evaluation
  • Synopsis evaluation and preparation guidance
  • Proposal evaluation and preparation guidance
  • Picture book dummy evaluation and preparation guidance
  • Career strategy consultation
  • Workshops

Manuscript appraisal

  • We offer manuscript appraisal on all fiction, non-fiction and poetry manuscripts. This service gives writers an overall appraisal of the entire manuscript which is written up as a report, offering advice on publish ability.

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Structural editing

  • The role of a structural editor is to take an impartial and rigorous look at the entire work, identifying strengths and weaknesses and suggesting strategies to clarify and improve the manuscript.
  • In fictional works structural editing looks at elements such as characterisation, theme and plotting, realisation of setting, writing style and suitability for target audience.
  • In non-fiction works elements include narratorial voice, theme and structure, writing style and suitability for target audience.
  • Poetry editing looks both at the strengths and weaknesses of individual poems, their place in the overall collection and ways to order the poems.

Copy editing

  • At the copy editing stage, editors focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation and the mechanics of style. We check for consistency, continuity and clarity.

Proofreading & Revision

  • Proofreading of an edited manuscript includes checking that the document is ready to be published, that the house style is followed, that all amendments and corrections have been inserted and that punctuation and spelling are correct.


Leonie Tyle and Catherine Bateson are available to give workshops on editing, self-editing, project management and getting published - check out our Workshops page for a more comprehensive list of workshops available.


  • Manuscript appraisals & reader’s reports
  • Freelance manuscript editing
  • Proofreading and a clean -eye look at a manuscript
  • Writing collaboratively with authors
  • Scouting for new talent

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  • Manuscript appraisals & reader’s reports
  • Synopsis & manuscript
  • Synopsis & manuscript editing
  • Assist authors in manuscript preparation for submission
  • Proofreading and a clean -eye look at a manuscript
  • Author or illustrator career strategy consultation
  • Scouting for new talent

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