You've written your manuscript, and your mum, your significant other and your dog think it's great.

Who's your next reader?

We are.

We will offer you thirty-plus years of experience in the Australian publishing industry, an honest and informed critique and a clear direction for the way forward.


Tyle&Bateson Editing Services offer manuscript appraisals for new and emerging writers

New & Emerging Writers

We offer manuscript appraisal on all fiction, non-fiction and poetry manuscripts. 

Your report will include;

  • an overall snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript
  • detailed analysis of theme, plot and characterisation
  • broad structural editing advice 
  • evaluation of voice and style 
  • actionable steps for self-editing and revising

Your next steps will be;

  • structural editing consultation (if necessary) 
  • guidance for your all-important pitch
  • career strategy consultation
  • mentoring

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Tyle&Bateson Editing Services offer structural editing services for new and emerging writersStructural Editing

An in-depth and detailed look at all the elements of your manuscript, readying it for confident submission


  • characterisation
  • theme and plot points
  • realisation of setting
  • writing style and language
  • continuity
  • suitability for target audience.


  • narratorial voice
  • theme and structure
  • writing style and language 
  • target audience

We also offer structural editing of poetry and short stories.


Not ready for a full appraisal? Check out our new workshop program or our manuscript appraisal taster!



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