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Webinar Series - Frequent Writing & Teaching Struggles, Solved. 

Poetry in the Classroom

Catherine brings her wealth of experience as a poet and educator to 'Poetry in the Classroom.' This professional development webinar will provide teachers with techniques, strategies and recipes for teaching poetry and creative writing to even the most reluctant of students. Each participant will also receive a workbook with examples to make your lesson planning simple and achievable. 

This workshop is also suitable for poets and authors who do contract work in schools.

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Running Thursday 19th of November, 5.00 - 6.00 pm AEDT or Saturday 21st of November, 11.00 am - 12.00 noon AEDT.








Leonie Tyle and Catherine Bateson are available to give workshops on all aspects of publishing:stacked books

  • Fast Tracked Self-editing
  • Publishing Now
  • Project Management
  • From Idea to Print
  • So You want to Self-Publish?
  • Self-publishing in the Digital Age

They are also available for the following writing workshops:

  • Picture book writing
  • Writing for Children
  • Your Young Adult Novel
  • Poetry Rocks
  • Structuring a Verse Novel
  • Rescue Your Manuscript
  • Pitching Perfect

More detailed workshops:

Pitching and Manuscript Submission

Maximise your chances of publication by attending one of our pitching workshops (hyperlink to Pitching perfect) or request a one-to-one advice session.

Project Management

Do you have problems organising your time? Are you overwhelmed by the magnitude of a current project? Better manage your projects by attending one of our project management workshops (hyperlink) or request a one-to-one advice session, focusing specifically on your needs.

Public Relations and Marketing Advice

Join Leonie Tyle in a workshop aimed at improving your public relations and targeting your publications market. You can also request a one-to-one advice session that focuses on needs you have identified, including the use of social media.

Conferences & Seminars

Leonie Tyle and Catherine Bateson give seminars on all aspects of the publishing industry, including editing and epublishing, writing for children and young adults. Catherine is also available to talk about poetry in the digital age, poetry in schools and teaching poetry.

Past Workshops

Writer's First Aid Kit - April 2018


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