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Tyle & Bateson create lasting and elegant works, marrying traditional publishing values with new technologies. We offer publishing services to writers, illustrators, publishers and educators. T&BP believe in putting risk, courage and quality back into the publishing world. We are never too far away from a good story as we write the future…


LeonieLeonie Tyle

Leonie Tyle has worked in the publishing industry for thirty years. She began with JamRoll Press and became the Children's and Young Adult Book publisher with the University of Queensland Press. She then established WoolShed Press, an imprint of Random House. Her authors have won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards, State Premier's Awards and the coveted Prime Minister's prize.

'Tyle & Bateson Publishing is my response to the challenges presented to authors and publishers by epublishing. This is a time of unprecedented opportunities for authors and our aim is to help them produce elegant, innovative work of quality.'



Catherine Bateson from Tyle and Bateson PublishingCatherine Bateson

Catherine Bateson is an award-winning poet and novelist for children and young adults. Her novels have twice won the Children's Book Council of Australia, Book of the Year, Younger Readers and been awarded Honour book awards in this category and the Young Adult category. She has also won the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards, Younger Readers and been shortlisted for other awards throughout her writing career. For many years Catherine taught Professional Writing and Editing at Victorian TAFES.

'Tyle and Bateson publishing is a chance to work with writers and bring traditional publishing values to the new publishing age.'

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