We offer a 'taster' manuscript appraisal for up to 5000 words of a manuscript accompanied by a one page synopsis. $100 of this cost will be subtracted from the full price of a manuscript appraisal should you take up this offer for the same manuscript within a month of receiving your taster appraisal. This offer excludes children's picture book texts. Poetry manuscript appraisals tasters are available. Please submit no more than 18pp double-spaced. If your collection is thematic, or there is other information you need to convey, don't hesitate to include a single page synopsis.  $170       

Please note that we offer 10% discount on all prices below to members of writers' centres around Australia and also to ASA members.


Children's picture book texts and illustrations Quote on Request
Poetry collections up to 80 pages, double-spaced $550
Poetry collections up to 120 pages, double-spaced $600
Verse novels, see above.  
Manuscripts up to 50,000 words $550
Manuscripts 50,000 - 80,000 words $620
Manuscripts 80,000 - 120,000 words $700
Manuscripts 120,000 - 170,000 words $780
Manuscripts 170,000 - 220,000 words $860
Manuscripts 220,000 - 270,000 words $900
All manuscripts over 270,000 words, poetry collections or verse novels over 120 pages, fee to be negotiated.                                         

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